2.3 The Formations of Toast Crumbs and Other Catastrophes (2016)

‘The Formations of Toast Crumbs and Other Catastrophes’ examines the uneasy, uncomfortable, and often volatile relationship between human beings and insect life. Focusing upon the impact of, and response to, the permeation of these many-legged trespassers into our collective living spaces and our individual psyches, ‘The Formations…’ aims to present a thought-provoking exploration of this complex co-habitation and its cultural resonance, incorporating themes of order, control (or loss of), and the borderlands between attraction and repulsion. 

The title of this body of work is derived from the a phenomenon that arises when an individual has been subject to too many flea bites- they become psychologically affected, obsessed with looking for fleas and begin to believe that any dark spec, even crumbs, could in fact be an insidious invader. 

This series was part of a larger body of works exhibited at Curated Stories Studio, Aberdeen in May 2016.