1.1 Light the North (2021)

In 2021 I participated in Clan Cancer Support’sLight the North‘ sculpture trail, working with a group of Clan’s teen ambassadors to create a ‘mini lighthouse’. The early stages of the project were greatly affected by covid restrictions, so I designed an activity pack which the participants could use to create artworks safely at home. The pack ‘Selfie Stick’ challenged the group to create collage self-portraits based on their inner lives rather than their physical appearance, incorporating elements of their personalities, emotions, dreams and favourite past times. The resulting artworks were then arranged by myself on the lighthouse sculpture, entitled ‘Beyond the Looking Glass’, which was displayed in Clan’s charity shop in Rosemount, Aberdeen for the duration of the trail in August 2021. The sculpture was subsequently auctioned off in November 2021, raising a total of £2,400 for Clan.