1.7 Bygone (2019)

Part of a series of works created for October 2019 show with Mary Butterworth at Kekun Studio. Some of these works were included in an accompanying photo zine available here.

Running from October 25th- November 3rd 2019 Bygone was a collaborative exhibition with Mary Butterworth, held at Kekun Studio, Aberdeen.

The show featured new works by both Mary and myself, including photography, painting, collage and digital art. Some works, as well as several installation pieces, were created collaboratively, allowing us both to explore new processes together.

In addition to the wall based works, we produced a collaborative full colour photo-zine, also entitled BYGONE. This featured collected and created imagery and works which spoke to us and the theme of the exhibition. Paired with a selection of the images are text pieces written by both Mary and I. For both of us this show captured deeply personal, but also universal, explorations of loss, nostalgia, and the concept of ‘home’.

Exhibition statement: We cling to, and find comfort in the past when we find ourselves facing uncertainty and unhappiness, a dark comfort is found in the bygone: a world called upon, where nothing is quite the truth and the myriad versions of our histories are unearthed.