2.1 Some Re-Assemblage Required (2018)

This project was funded as part of VACMA Award- (Visual Arts and Crafts Makers Award). I chose to develop a project exploring, simplistically, constructions of the self in the digital age, the ‘selfie’ culture which engenders a making, unmaking and remaking of the self.

Insects also populate this project- for me, insects remain a constant source of fascination and discomfort, intruding into our physical and psychic spaces unbidden and often unwelcome. Consequently, the insect will always represent chaos for me, and the ultimate lack of control we have over anything- all spaces are shared with the non-human.

“The insect does not belong to our world… (it brings) something that does not seem to belong to the customs, the morale, the psychology of our globe. One would say that it comes from another planet, more monstrous, more dynamic, more insensate, more atrocious, more infernal than ours…” –E.L. Bouvier ‘The Psychic Life of Insects’

Full selection of images with accompanying text now published in a zine